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Unlocking Liverpool: The Deal!

On 8 December 2011 the Government launched ‘Unlocking Growth in Cities’, which set out the terms for a programme of city deals

The Government has now considered the proposals brought forward by Liverpool for a ‘City Deal’ in response to this challenge. The Government recognises it represents an ambitious economic package aimed at driving growth in Liverpool, and that it is an important part of the City’s response to Lord Heseltine and Sir Terry Leahy’s “Rebalancing Britain” report on the Liverpool economy.

The Rt Hon Greg Clark MP has informed the House that the Government has approved the following proposals from Liverpool as a ‘City Deal’:

  • Subject to HM Treasury clearance of a business case and agreement with the Local Enterprise Partnership, the Government will designate a new Enterprise Zone covering the City Fringe Buffer Zone and Central Business District.
  • The creation of what Liverpool propose to term a Mayoral Investment Board that will oversee the city’s economic and housing strategy as well as oversight of the development of Home and Communities Agency’s land assets and other economic development priorities including those linked to the Enterprise and proposed Mayoral Development Zones.
  • The Department for Work and Pensions will work with Liverpool to develop welfare pilots to deliver a localised programme of support for people leaving the Work Programme and in particular include a ‘youth contract’ pathfinder.
  • A Secondary School Investment Plan funded by the Council for up to twelve new build secondary schools, including at least six new academies.
  • The Department for Communities and Local Government will contribute £75 million over the remaining years of the spending review period, subject to a strong, robust business case, to be cleared by HM Treasury, demonstrating clear value for money.
  • The Government set out in ‘Unlocking Growth in Cities’, that where cities want to take on significant new powers and funding streams, they will need to demonstrate strong, accountable leadership, an ambitious agenda for the economic future of their area, effective decision-making structures, and private sector involvement and leadership. The Government can confirm that a move towards a directly elected mayor and the creation of a Mayoral Development Corporation would satisfy its requirements as regards governance arrangements to strengthen leadership and accountability in Liverpool City Council.

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Set up a Work Club

In an attempt to get Get Britain Working the Coalition Government have established Work Clubs. Work Clubs aim to support the development of a network of locally led, community based support for the unemployed.

The main aim of Work Clubs is to help people make the most of local knowledge and resources to help unemployed people in their communities gain employment. The hope is that they will empower local communities and encourage people to work together to offer additional support to the unemployed.

Work Clubs will provide unemployed people with a place to meet and exchange skills, find opportunities, make contacts, share experiences and receive support to help them in their return to work.

Work Clubs is one of a number of options we are developing to get Britain working and will focus on supporting the move into a job ahead of entry to the Work Programme.

For those who would like to set up and run or support a Work Club in your area.

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Maximus: FND termination payment $2.7m + $1.5

Not sure what it all really means but the Wall Street Journal is reporting….

Human Services Segment results in the quarter included the expected reimbursement for the termination of the predecessor Flexible New Deal (FND) contract, which was replaced by the Work Programme contract.

The termination payment included $2.7 million for revenue earned and an additional $1.5 million, net of subcontractor expenses, for cost recoveries.

Key highlights include: —

Revenue for the first quarter grew 12% to $239.6 million compared to the same period last year. —

Company generated strong cash in the first quarter with cash provided by operating activities from continuing operations of $27.6 million and free cash flow of $24.3 million.

Wall Street Journal

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Volunteers prevented from volunteering

Charities are becoming increasingly concerned that they are losing volunteer at an alarming rate.

More and more volunteers are been placed onto the Work programme where providers seem to be disregarding the volunteering and valuable work experinece they are alredy getting.

Volunteers are being placed by providers onto work related activities which invariably is not as useful or indeed as relevant as the existing work that they were doing whilst volunteering.

Charites are asking the government and providers to review this and to arrive at a viable and commonse approach which dovetails neatly into the Big Society objective of encouraging volunteering whicls supporting job seeking and building up relevant experience.

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