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3 February 2012

ERSA calls for a review of TUPE regulations

ERSA has signalled that it would support a decision by the Government to consult formally on changes to the 2006 TUPE regulations.

In a submission to the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, ERSA highlights how the Government’s decision to terminate previous welfare to work contracts during the 2011 to make way for the Work Programme led to unprecedented complexity and uncertainty across the sector about the potential application of TUPE rules.  This led to significantly increased costs to both primes and subcontractors and is likely to have led to some potential subcontractors deciding not to take on contracts.

ERSA’s chief executive, Kirsty McHugh, said:  ‘Whilst ERSA believes that TUPE principles can help to maintain staff performance in a contracting environment, we believe that the experience of the welfare to work industry, where there has been transition from multiple provider to multiple provider in rapid timescales, has raised a range of questions in relation to TUPE regulations that make them warrant review.

In 2011, ERSA’s HR Forum, made up of welfare to work providers from around 50 organisations, took the lead in attempting to co-ordinate an industry view on transition arrangements across the welfare to work sector.  The process helped to deliver a more coherent approach that might not otherwise have been achieved.


Notes to Editors


ERSA is the trade association for the welfare to work industry. Established in 2005, by the industry for the industy, it exists to help members achieve their shared goal – to help people achieve sustainable work.  ERSA’s membership ranges from large multinational corporations to small specialist charities. It represents over 90 percent of those organisations that have been awarded prime contracts for the Work Programme, plus a larger number of subcontractors. Approximately half its members are third sector organisations.

For copies of ERSA’s submission and for all press enquiries please contact Philip Curry at philip.curry@ersa.org.uk or 07932 792 435.


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Organisations bidding to provide employment programmes for the Government have highlighted a potential gap in welfare-to-work provision between the termination of  existing programmes and the launch of the Work Programme in June 2011.

The Government have now announced an extension on the last date for referrals to New Deal, Private Sector Led New Deal, Employment Zones and Flexible New Deal to 1 June 2011 (excluding Gateway to Work).  Customers will be referred for 13 weeks of provision following this date, ensuring that they will be supported up until the point when the Work Programme is rolled out.  Community Task Force referrals have been extended to 1 June 2011.

For  further enquiries please email THEWORKPROGRAMME.EXTERNAL@DWP.GSI.GOV.UK

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