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Minimum 12 duration for Apprenticeships

From August 2012 the minimum duration of 12 months for Apprenticeships for those aged 16-18 will beign. This will be a requirement in the 2012/13 Funding Rules which are expected to be published by the end of March 2012. The new rules will apply to all new starts from 1 August 2012 onwards and not to those already in learing prior to August.

The SFA is however encouraging all training organisations and employers to offer all existing apprentices (16-18) a 12 month minimum programme.

See the full SFA Statement here

The National Apprenticeship Service is currently reviewing the position with regard to a minimum duration time for those apprentices aged 19 and over.


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A new Academy is being founded in Hackney.

STEM Academy is being founded by S&DA Limited, a not for profit company with existing strong links with Industry, apprenticeships, secondary and higher education.

The proposed Academy will open in Hackne. Its first student intake in September 2013 will cater for 16-19 year olds with an emphasis on supporting students from deprived areas in Hackney and the wider London area. Located on “Silicon Roundabout”, the Academy will be at the heart of a thriving area for entrepreneurship and high tech businesses, including Google, supported by the Government’s ‘East London Tech City’ initiative.

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Background Statement for The STEM Academy – V3 1 General for Yes minister blog 2


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£18.7m for 19.000 Higher Apprenticeships

On Friday the government announced that £18.7m from its Higher Apprenticeship Fund will be provided to around 250 employers to deliver the type of skills that are critical to economic growth.

Employers including Unilever, Burberry and Leyland Trucks have won access to the grants – part of the £25m fund for Higher Apprenticeships announced in July – to create places for around 19,000 degree-equivalent apprentices.

In total, 19 partnerships comprising employers and training providers will take a share of £17m to roll out the Apprenticeships.

A further £1.7m will be injected into two IT, science, engineering and manufacturing projects that will deliver 6,000 Higher Apprenticeships.

Skills Minister John Hayes said:

“By reviving Apprenticeships the Government has started to build a world class skills system to rival our country’s great reputation for academic excellence.

“We’ve driven up quality across the board, more than doubled the number of new advanced apprenticeships, created new routes into higher levels of practical learning and given employers more control of how the training budget is spent. We’re now targeting resources even more closely on the skills, firms and sectors that will lead economic recovery.”

The government will invite second round bids for the £25m Higher Apprenticeships fund early next year.

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Also the earlier announcement on boosting apprenticeships for business

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David Cameron announced £250m boost for skills training

The Prime Minister has announced a new plan which will give businesses the power to design, develop and purchase the vocational training they need. This announcement forms part of the government’s growth review.

In the New Year employers will be invited to bid for a share of the £250 million government fund. It will route public investment directly to employers – enabling them to invest in the training they actually need.

The competitive fund will route public investment directly to employers and will be backed by significant resources from existing skills budgets. Funding for 2012/13 will be up to £50m, with an additional £200m in the second year – subject to evidence of high-quality proposals from employers and ongoing evaluation.

Prime Minister David Cameron said:

“I know times are tough – especially for young people – who are trying to get their foot in the door and launch their career. That is why I am determined to do all that we can to give people the very best skills, training and opportunities to succeed; and why despite tough spending decisions we are investing in record number of apprenticeships.

“We are seeing an incredible take up of these apprenticeship places. I want that to continue, which is why we are taking action to make it easier to take on apprentices, and now we are giving employers the power to take control of the training so that it best meets the skills they need.

“I hope this radical new approach will encourage even more employers to take on apprentices and ensure that the UK workforce has the skills we need to boost growth.”

Business Secretary Vince Cable said:

“Skills are central to the UK economy and our long-term competitiveness. Despite some good progress our system needs more flexibility and we are treading water by international standards.

“We have to fundamentally alter the relationship between employers and the state – giving employers the space and opportunity for greater ownership of the vocational skills agenda, including the chance to bid for direct control of public funds. This will encourage greater competition in the market as we strive for sustainable growth.”

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Amanda Frewin

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New skills support to lift jobless out of unemployment 

Jobseekers will be able to get far more help identifying needs and learning new skills that will help them back to work. This announcement came out last week but we thought that we would pause for thought.

Jobseekers will be given greater and better co-ordinated access to careers advice, starting with a pilot programme that will significantly boost the number of careers advisers providing services in Jobcentres and help shape the new National Careers Service, which starts in April 2012.

The pilot programme will give Jobcentre Plus claimants;

  • full-time access to careers advice
  • better, more flexible support to help jobseekers gain the skills to get into work.
  • The pilot will take place in 22 Jobcentre Plus locations across the country.

This is part of a wider package of skills support for those looking for work which was launched in August and is designed to provide a more flexible and tailored approach to skills involving Jobcentre Plus, careers advice, colleges and employers.

John Hayes –riding to the rescue  said:

““We are building a system that will help people acquire the skills they need to get into work and get on with life. Reforming the way that Jobcentre Plus, careers advice, colleges and other training providers and employers interact at a local level is critical to our success.”

“Giving jobseekers full-time convenient access to a tailored and improved careers advice service will significantly improve their chances of getting into work.”

Chris Grayling said: “We want to make sure that we give those looking for work the right skills that mean when we put them in front of an employer they get the job. Too often in the past jobseekers were sent off to do long courses that taught them skills that local employers didn’t value. That’s all changing, we are getting people job ready to take advantage of the opportunities being created across the economy.”

Sources:  DWP

Yes Minister comment

Mmmm.. this sounds familiar…. but I suppose this proves the point that

… “there is nothing new under the sun”….

As Ronny Carson used to say when asked why he was so funny… “Its the way you tell em”

If this initiative is going to be successful it’ll be ” The way you deliver em”


Eyullahemaye Henry


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A NEW project to help Southend’s most deprived people get back to work has received a £400,000 boost from the Lottery.

The Starting Points scheme, run by Southend Vineyard church, will be paid the money over five years, enabling it to create personal development programmes.

Mr Williams said: “The new project means 5,000 people in crisis will receive coaching to help them remove barriers, learn skills, and prepare them for employment and education.”

The project will also offer training and advice, including help with interviews, CV preparation and writing skills.

More details

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Benefit claimants who refuse to take up the offer of a training course could have their benefits stopped, under new plans unveiled yesterday by Employment Minister Chris Grayling and Skills Minister John Hayes.

Under the new proposals, benefit claimants who are required to actively seek, or prepare for work could be mandated onto a training course to help improve their employability as part of their journey back to work. If they refuse they could have their benefits stopped.

Chris Grayling, the Employment Minister, said: “We will support people but they have to do their bit too, if they are offered a training course to improve their employability they will be expected to attend. This is part of our new contract with jobseekers – the right help and support with a greater expectation to take it.”

The Skills Minister, John Hayes, commented that: “This is an important change, and one which we hope will result in improved participation and completion rates in skills training programmes to get more people into jobs.” He added: “We want to work with colleges and training providers to make this process as streamlined as possible. That’s in line with our goal to free skills providers from unnecessary and complex bureaucracy. I would welcome the sector’s views on how best to implement these changes.”

Ministers are keen to ensure that jobseekers get the best support possible to get back into employment and believe that improving their skills is one of the key ways to help individuals prepare for and gain work.

The new rules would apply to people claiming Jobseekers Allowance and those in the work-related activity group of Employment Support Allowance who need extra support and training before they become job ready.

Ministers are consulting on the best way to implement these proposals until 3 February 2011 and urge any organisation or individual with an interest in skills support for unemployed people to respond to this consultation.

Click here to view the Skills Conditionality Public consultation document

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