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Monster World Wide will help jobless into work

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has signed a deal with Monster Worldwide for a range of online job advertisement and search services.

A contract award notice has appeared in the Official Journal of the European Union.

The solution will offer an extended job search by aggregating vacancies advertised directly by Jobcentre Plus, as well as vacancies from employers’ own websites and other job boards.

Companies without an online recruitment system will be able to use a self-service facility to create a vacancy and manage responses from potential candidates, according to the DWP.

People looking for work will be able to;

  • Create their own secure online accounts,
  • Set up an online profile,
  • The sytem will suggest alternative jobs,
  • Match individual profiles and vacancies,
  • Give employers and job seekers an “automated match“,

The new system will;

  • Track the activities of job seekers and provide the DWP with business and labour market intelligence,
  • Employers and job seekers can provide real time information about their experiences,


The facility will be available to;

  • The public via Directgov,
  • To employers via Businesslink and EURES,
  • To Jobcentre Plus personnel via internal systems.

The estimated contract value is between £14.45m and £20.44m .


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Set up a Work Club

In an attempt to get Get Britain Working the Coalition Government have established Work Clubs. Work Clubs aim to support the development of a network of locally led, community based support for the unemployed.

The main aim of Work Clubs is to help people make the most of local knowledge and resources to help unemployed people in their communities gain employment. The hope is that they will empower local communities and encourage people to work together to offer additional support to the unemployed.

Work Clubs will provide unemployed people with a place to meet and exchange skills, find opportunities, make contacts, share experiences and receive support to help them in their return to work.

Work Clubs is one of a number of options we are developing to get Britain working and will focus on supporting the move into a job ahead of entry to the Work Programme.

For those who would like to set up and run or support a Work Club in your area.

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Job hunters fail to attend interviews

A business woman who advertised for an apprentice at her marketing firm has criticised the attitude of the unemployed after 40 out of 67 applicants failed to turn up  to interviews and most wore jeans.

Claire Curzon said that it took 14 months before she was eventually successful in recruiting. Claire explained that it was clear that most people applied simply to ensure that they could keep their benefits under the terms of receiving their Jobseekers allowance.

Of the ones who did turn up, the majority were unsuitable either from the way they presented themselves or from their attitude.



This is  an indictment on JSP who have been regularly accused of not providing suitable candidates or doing enough to prepare people for interviews.


It is also a real exposure on how some claimants are behaving and it shines a light on the urgent need for change.


It is also an indictment on the way that the new Work Programme is having the unintended consequence of nudging behaviour to ‘beat the system’.


So in a nutshell!! we have a long way to go…….

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Jobcentre Staff to Strike

On Monday 18th April, Jobcentre Plus staff in Scotland will hold a 24-hour strike in protest to working conditions.  Strike action was called as a last resort following a breakdown in negotiations last month.  “A target driven culture” swayed 7, 000 of the Public and Commercial Services union members to vote in favour of industrial action.

PCS president, Jane Aitchison said:

“We are being prevented from providing a good quality service to the public because of unnecessary and unrealistic call centre targets.”

Further responsibility will be apportioned to Jobcentre staff who will be relied upon to use their expertise and discretion to judge on the best course of action for individual benefit claimants when the revised Work Capability Assessment is introduced this summer.

PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka said:

“With unemployment rising and welfare recipients being blamed for an economic crisis they did not cause, it is outrageous that standards are being driven down in Jobcentre Plus.

“Instead of punishing people who are claiming benefits through no fault of their own, the Government should be investing in our public services to help get people back to work quicker and to help our economy to grow.”

Website:  Press Association




Kuki Taylor

Research and Communications Officer


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Prince’s Trust to Partner Jobcentre Plus

Charitable organisations will be based in local Jobcentre Plus centres to aid young people into volunteering, training, education and employment, the government has announced.

Organisations such as the Prince’s Trust will consult and advise with unemployed people struggling to find sustainable work, as the DWP continues its mission to reduce the 2.5 million unemployment figure.


Yesterday in Parliament, the Secretary of State for the DWP, Iain Duncan-Smith MP said:

“Prince’s Trust advisers and other local voluntary organisations will start to have a desk that they man in Jobcentres in the next few weeks, and that provision should be available pretty much around the country in April. This will be enormously helpful in tying the voluntary sector in to some of the most difficult people.

“First, what we are doing will really open the door to the voluntary sector’s engagement in the whole process.


The scheme will target disadvantaged young people as well as the economically inactive, those who have not sought work for over a month.  The UK inactivity rate for 16-64 year olds rose 0.2 per cent to 9.37 million for the three months to November 2010, while the number of unemployed 16-24 year olds reached 951, 000, on the quarter, the highest level since 1992.  Martina Milburn, Chief executive at the Prince’s Trust believes these figures will fall as charitable organisations aid young people to find training, education and employment:

Website:  DirectGov, Parliament, ONS, Prince’s Trust






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The recent economic downturn and subsequent increase in the number of Jobseeker’s Allowance claimants resulted in a rising demand for Jobcentre Plus services. In order to meet this demand, Jobcentre Plus recruited an additional 16,000 staff.

In our recent posting we highlighted that JCP has been very successful in placing jobseekers into work.


We have learnt that ‘most’ of the 16,000 appointed on short term contracts from 2008 will not have their contracts renewed.  This is not a blanket policy but it will be applied in specific geographic areas.

We are also aware that Core Hours  8:30- 6pm – otherwise know as  ‘Chartered Hours’  – are also being brought in. There will/may be a consultation process….


It will be interesting to see how the unions will respond.


At the same time, a package of temporary ‘downturn measures’ was developed for use in Jobcentre Plus offices as a short-term solution to help manage increasing customer volumes and staff workloads, whilst maintaining levels of customer service.


The report below presents findings from qualitative research which explored Jobcentre Plus staff’s perceptions of the downturn measures in order to gain an insight into their effectiveness.


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The Birth of The Work Programme has lifted the cloud. Due to PEP, staff employed to deliver New Deal contracts faced uncertainty about their jobs. Even with TUPE undertaking, many staff believed that – come October – they would either be out of work or be negotiating terms!

However, as a result of the Birth of The Work Programme these employees are now in a position of having secure work to June 2010 -when The Work Programme goes live – and beyond. These workers will also be TUPED across to The Work Programme which is a 4 year programme (even though it will only run for 3 and a half years), so theoretically they will be in work until the end of the Coalition government.

Providers delivering New Deal have also breathed a sigh of relief….. The birth of The Work Programme and the cancellation of other programmes has played to their strength and given them 12 month of security.

The challenge for these providers is that they need to significantly increase their performance or else they could find themselves without contracts from June 2010.

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