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We need a Plan B: Richard Johnson on the Work Programme

We also need a plan B. Anyone not finding a job after two years should attend a further year of assistance on a new “Work Programme plus”. It should be delivered through local specialist organisations, providing intensive support, up to 12 months’ work experience and investment in business start-up and growth.

The contracts for the government’s Work Programme were competed for on price

Contractors should be paid according to outcomes, but with contracts awarded on the basis of quality, not price. Much higher payments would reflect the high levels of need, as well as the much greater savings to the state achieved by helping this group.

And a number of charities may go to the wall, such as Leap – in Harlesden, north London – which provides specialist, intensive, local support that has rescued thousands of young people from the streets in the last decade.

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Community Work Programme

The Prime Minister speaks to the Liaison Committee

The Prime Minister said people who failed to find work despite “intensive” mentoring for two years could be made to do 30 hours of community service a week for 26 weeks a year.

Employment Minister Chris Grayling said that under the proposals, people who have been supported “intensively” through the Work Programme for two years but still had not got a sustainable job, may have to do community work or they could lose their benefit entitlement.

Compulsory community work coupled with more intensive support through Jobcentre Plus will be tested in parts of the country before the scheme is rolled out nationwide in 2013.


Should the long term unemployed be forced to do community service?

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