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The Supply Chain or should I say Providers are increasingly thirsty for news from DWP.

Most feel that due to their size (smaller turnover or staff) they are being left out in the cold with no information.

I am sure that DWP have a plan but it would be really helpful if they undertook a program/process of Stakeholder EngagementYes Minister specialises in this and we are happy to help…. sorry about the blatant pitch…but we can help.

In the last two days I have spoken to Providers who are preparing to lay off staff, others are extremely tense and angry that there has been no communication with them.

Others have called me and have been inquiring whether i have any news on the proposition that we are moving away from Prime Contractors to Super-Primes.

I really do not know, but what I can say is that confidence is eroding and even potential SUPER PRIMES will have reservations about the veracity of contracts going forward.

For example, lets consider the cost of tendering; in fact lets look at the costs of information security and Data Protection, lets calculate the implementation period, lets look at implementing PRaP, lets look at the cost of partnership building and stakeholder engagement, lets assesses the break even point on contracts, lets look at the cost of investing in new facilities, systems and processes, lets look at unit costs on outcomes based contracts, lets look at the increased sanctions and conditionality that will be applied, lets look at the role of providers moving towards a policing role vis-a-vis clients, lets look at the reduction of jobs in the market place, lets look at and discuss what 12 month sustained job outcomes look like (financially).

Its at times like this when ERSA – or some other body, collective or association needs to have a strong voice not only for it’s members but for the sector as a whole.


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The Birth of The Work Programme has lifted the cloud. Due to PEP, staff employed to deliver New Deal contracts faced uncertainty about their jobs. Even with TUPE undertaking, many staff believed that – come October – they would either be out of work or be negotiating terms!

However, as a result of the Birth of The Work Programme these employees are now in a position of having secure work to June 2010 -when The Work Programme goes live – and beyond. These workers will also be TUPED across to The Work Programme which is a 4 year programme (even though it will only run for 3 and a half years), so theoretically they will be in work until the end of the Coalition government.

Providers delivering New Deal have also breathed a sigh of relief….. The birth of The Work Programme and the cancellation of other programmes has played to their strength and given them 12 month of security.

The challenge for these providers is that they need to significantly increase their performance or else they could find themselves without contracts from June 2010.

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Newsletter: Queens Birthday Honours, Increase Child Benefit, ALP Conference

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This is quite amazing, we have had over 14,000 visitors to this blog…. and numerous other correspondences!!

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look out for more info on WELFARE TO WORK….. EMPLOYMENT AND SKILLS  et.al

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During a visit to the mental  asylum, I asked the director how do  you  determine whether or not a patient should be institutionalized.

“Well,” said the director, “we fill  up a bathtub, then we offer a teaspoon, a teacup and a bucket to the patient and ask him or her to empty the bathtub.”

“Oh, I understand,” I said. “A normal person would use the bucket because it’s bigger than the spoon or the teacup.”

“No.” said the director, “A normal person would pull the plug.

The moral …

There is a temptation to panic, become flustered and angry but it is important that we see the opportunity that is before us.

A letter is winging its way to you as I write:

  1. read it very carefully,
  2. count to 10
  3. digest its contents…. All is not lost…….

REMEMBER, ‘First Impressions’ can be misleading and confusing.

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Here is the full statement by Chris Grayling MP:

Work Programme statement

Minister of State for Employment Chris Grayling said:
“We are committed to getting the unemployed back to work and that’s why we are taking swift action to get the Work Programme up and running”.

“The Work Programme will offer exciting opportunities for contractors from both the private and voluntary sectors to deliver the flexible and personalised support people need to get back to work, and I believe existing providers have a big role to play in this”.


Thursday 10th June 2010

        • Progress towards the Work Programme

Minister for Employment, (Chris Grayling): The Government has previously announced its plans for radical reforms of the welfare to work system and the implementation of the Work Programme. The Work Programme will be a single integrated package of support providing personalised help for everyone who finds themselves out of work regardless of the benefit they claim.

This will give providers longer to work with individuals and greater freedom to decide the appropriate support for them.  We will also offer stronger incentives for providers to work with the harder to help, paying providers out of the additional benefits they realise as a result of placing people into work.

We are determined to move quickly and are aiming to have the Work Programme in place nationally by the summer of 2011.

Until the Work Programme is implemented, we will ensure support is in place. Where necessary, we will seek to extend current arrangements to ensure that there is no gap in provision and people can continue to receive help and support to get back into work.

Once the Work Programme is implemented it will supersede much of the complicated raft of national programmes currently on offer and these will be phased out. The support currently provided by programmes such as the Flexible New Deal will be folded into the Work Programme as soon as possible.

We are committed to supporting severely disabled people and are currently reviewing the best way of doing this.

The Government has today written to relevant providers and will be beginning one to one discussions with them to discuss what this means for them. We believe that the Work Programme will offer significant new opportunities for contractors from the private and voluntary sectors to deliver truly flexible and personalised support, building appropriate partnerships to do so. We recognise the crucial role that the voluntary sector in particular has to play in tackling worklessness, and our plans reflect this.

We will be publishing further details as the design and implementation of the Work Programme progresses.

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Welfare to Work announcement


  • The Work Programme will be introduced nationally by Summer 2011.
  • The vehicle for bringing the Work Programme into being and handling all work-focussed services  (and related commissioning) will be a new framework of preferred providers.
  • This framework, The Work Programme Framework, will be used for the Work Programme and for future Welfare to Work requirements and will be accessible by other public service commissioners wish to commission work-focussed services.
  • Selection on to the framework will be based on a provider’s ability and capacity to deliver job focussed services over the lifetime of the framework
  • The framework competition will commence at the end of June 2010, identifying framework providers by November and placing contracts in the first half of 2011.
  • There will be an event in July for providers interested in the framework
  • All current competitions are superseded.  There will be no fND2, Invest to Save, Personalised Employment Programme or Community Task Force.
  • fND1 providers are being given immediate twelve months notice of the end of fND1 contracts.
  • The intention is to achieve maximum continuity of service and to minimise disruption.
  • All fND1 providers are encouraged to bid in to the framework for a managed move on to the Work Programme.
  • There is no decision yet on Work Choice but there is a commitment to supporting disabled people.
  • No decision has yet been made about how Work for your Benefit will fit within the Work Programme.
  • Current New Deal, Pathways and EZ contracts will be extended in fND2 areas then will roll in to the Work Programme.

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