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Chris Grayling “really disappointed” at NAO report

The National Audit Office (NAO) has released a less than glowing report on the achievements and future of the Work Programme. In particular, it states the government has overestimated the number of people to be helped return to employment.

The National Audit Office report said 26% of over-25s would get jobs, compared with the official estimate of 40%.

The report also described the possibility that some programme providers will “cut corners to stay in profit” by ignoring harder-to-reach people. Additionally, some of the programme providers could get into “serious financial difficulty” while trying to meet their ambitious targets.

Chris Grayling said payment by results was “a totally new approach” and its success could not “be assessed in the same old ways”.

“I’m really disappointed that the NAO is producing a report which is partially based on guesswork, when it’s private companies and not taxpayers who are carrying the risks.

“Unlike the last government’s welfare to work schemes, we only pay when companies succeed in getting the long-term unemployed into sustained employment.”

Read the full report “The Introduction of the Work Programme”

Click here to read the response of a DWP spokesperson

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Housing Minister advises homeless to seek support

Housing Minister Grant Shapps has advised household who face homelessness this Christmas to seek help and advice as soon as possible.

New figures released by the government show that 12,510 people were accepted as owed a main homelessness duty in the third quarter of the year – a rise of 6 per cent since the same period in 2010.

Mr Shapps said anyone needing advice should speak to their councils who can provide help such as:

  • providing budget and rent advice for households having problems paying the rent and at risk of losing their home
  • helping find out if households are eligible for benefits to help with housing costs; and
  • speaking to the landlord on behalf of those at risk of eviction, or offering a rent bond to help them find alternative private rented accommodation.

Housing Minister Grant Shapps said:

“It’s easy to feel alone in the face of financial difficulty but there is help available. Every council has a legal duty to ensure that eligible homeless households are not ‘roofless’, and can provide reams of free advice and information to prevent homelessness in the first place.

“That’s why I would urge anyone facing the threat of being homeless this Christmas to seek help. My message is clear – the quicker you act, the quicker we can help.

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Click here for details of today’s figures

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