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Minimum 12 duration for Apprenticeships

From August 2012 the minimum duration of 12 months for Apprenticeships for those aged 16-18 will beign. This will be a requirement in the 2012/13 Funding Rules which are expected to be published by the end of March 2012. The new rules will apply to all new starts from 1 August 2012 onwards and not to those already in learing prior to August.

The SFA is however encouraging all training organisations and employers to offer all existing apprentices (16-18) a 12 month minimum programme.

See the full SFA Statement here

The National Apprenticeship Service is currently reviewing the position with regard to a minimum duration time for those apprentices aged 19 and over.


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The Skills Place Newham supports Mayor’s Apprenticeship boost


The Skills Place Newham backs the Mayor of London’s Apprenticeship plans.


The Skills Place Newham is supporting the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson’s campaign to create 100,000 new apprenticeships for the capital by the end of 2012.


The Skills Place Newham based at Westfield Stratford City will be assisting the retail shopping centre giant, to add 200 apprenticeship places to the campaign’s total across its Westfield Stratford City and Westfield London retail centres.


Making the announcement on Tuesday to mark the start of National Apprenticeship Week, the Mayor declared that he is more than half way to hitting his target of creating 100,000 apprenticeships and with the contribution from Westfield, with the support of The Skills Place Newham, the campaign has been further boosted.


The Skills Place Newham is managed by Seetec, one of the UK’s leading training and employment specialists, working in partnership with the London Borough of Newham and Westfield, to provide a first class training facility to residents of Newham and across London.


Specialising in retail, leisure, hospitality and customer service, this unique academy offers state of the art facilities, including a mock shop for visual merchandising and barista area for hospitality training.


Since its launch in September 2011, thousands of students have entered through The Skills Place Newham’s doors to be inspired, motivated and trained in these huge employment sectors.


Seetec’s Chief Executive Jeremy Nutter said, “We fully support the Mayor of London in his endeavors to get the capital’s young people into the work place. Seetec is a keen supporter of National Apprenticeship Week, which is now in its fifth year, through a range of activities across its centres around the UK, to ensure that businesses big and small release the talent of our younger generation.”


Michael Gutman, Managing Director for Westfield Europe and New Markets, said: “There are many career pathways and opportunities within Westfield and we are delighted to support the Mayor’s apprenticeships programme as we announce our ambition to see 200 apprenticeships created across our Westfield London and Westfield Stratford City centres during 2012. This specialised training provides apprentices with an excellent, income-earning route to gaining important skills and qualifications as well as benefiting the end-users who hire them.”

To find out more about Apprenticeships please contact The Skills Place Newham Apprenticeship Team on: 0845 330 6439

The Skills Place Newham is a new initaive from Seetec, Westfield and the London Borough of Newham. The Skills Place Newham provides specialist pre and post-employment training programmes for residents of Newham and across London.

For more information on this press release please contact Nancy Rogers PR & Communications Manager Nancy.rogers@seetec.co.uk 07779 251 711

The The Skills Place Newham is a new initiative from Seetec, Westfield and the London Borough of Newham. The Skills Place Newham provides specialist pre an


Skills Place Newham is a new initiative from Seetec, Westfield and the London Borough of Newham. The Skills Place Newham provides specialist pre and post-employment training programmes for residents of Newham and across London.

The Skills Place Newham is a new initiative from Seetec, Westfield and the London Borough of Newham. The Skills Place Newham provides specialist pre and post-employment training programmes for residents of Newham and across London.


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David Cameron announced £250m boost for skills training

The Prime Minister has announced a new plan which will give businesses the power to design, develop and purchase the vocational training they need. This announcement forms part of the government’s growth review.

In the New Year employers will be invited to bid for a share of the £250 million government fund. It will route public investment directly to employers – enabling them to invest in the training they actually need.

The competitive fund will route public investment directly to employers and will be backed by significant resources from existing skills budgets. Funding for 2012/13 will be up to £50m, with an additional £200m in the second year – subject to evidence of high-quality proposals from employers and ongoing evaluation.

Prime Minister David Cameron said:

“I know times are tough – especially for young people – who are trying to get their foot in the door and launch their career. That is why I am determined to do all that we can to give people the very best skills, training and opportunities to succeed; and why despite tough spending decisions we are investing in record number of apprenticeships.

“We are seeing an incredible take up of these apprenticeship places. I want that to continue, which is why we are taking action to make it easier to take on apprentices, and now we are giving employers the power to take control of the training so that it best meets the skills they need.

“I hope this radical new approach will encourage even more employers to take on apprentices and ensure that the UK workforce has the skills we need to boost growth.”

Business Secretary Vince Cable said:

“Skills are central to the UK economy and our long-term competitiveness. Despite some good progress our system needs more flexibility and we are treading water by international standards.

“We have to fundamentally alter the relationship between employers and the state – giving employers the space and opportunity for greater ownership of the vocational skills agenda, including the chance to bid for direct control of public funds. This will encourage greater competition in the market as we strive for sustainable growth.”

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Amanda Frewin

Research & Project Support


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Vince Cable guarantees cash boost for firms taking on apprentices

Vince Cable has announced new measures to ensure more young people benefit from an apprenticeship, and to help employers gain the skilled workers they need to grow.

As part of the Government’s Plan for Growth, Ministers are taking action to make it easier for companies to take on apprentices, and ensure that the quality of apprenticeships is continually improved.


The main measures to boost apprenticeships are:

  • To offer employers with up to 50 employees an incentive payment of up to £1,500. This will support up to 20,000 new apprenticeships in 2012/13.
  • To simplify processes to make it quicker and easier for employers to take on an apprentice. The National Apprenticeships Service and training providers will be required to ensure that every employer is in a position to advertise a vacancy within one month of deciding to take on an apprentice. Health and safety requirements will be streamlined so that there are no additional demands on employers that already meet national standards.
  • There will be a renewed focus on targeting the programme where apprenticeships deliver greatest value – including on younger adults, new employees, higher level qualifications and particular sectors where they can make the greatest impact.
  • Apprenticeship providers will be required to offer training in English and Maths up to the standard of a good GCSE (level 2) for all apprenticeships.


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Read the Government’s Plan for Growth

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Pre-Autumn Statement Submission on Apprenticeships

In advance of Wednesday’s expected announcement that there are now 1 million NEETs and a government announcement on apprenticeships, the Association of Employment and Learning Providers, whose training provider members deliver over 70% of apprenticeships in England, has made a pre-Autumn Statement submission urging ministers not to get blown off course on from their previously announced plans for apprenticeship growth during this Parliament.


AELP has made clear to the Treasury and BIS:


  • Apprenticeships are as important for upskilling the adult workforce as they are for training up school leavers.
  • They currently do not result in dangerous ‘brand stretch’.
  • Damaging brand stretch would occur if they embraced programmes for the unemployed/NEETs unable to meet the selection criteria laid down by employers.
  • ‘Preparatory’ training for the unskilled unemployed should precede entry into an apprenticeship.


The association has pointed out that the apprenticeship programme, relaunched in 1994, was never set up exclusively for the benefit of young people as a form of job creation.  The submission also addresses other misunderstandings and misconceptions about the programme.


Two additional points are worth bearing in mind, especially in the current economic climate.  Firstly, over 262,000 young people in the 16 to 24 age group started an apprenticeship in 2010-11 – a 15.9% increase on the previous year – and these apprenticeships came with a contract of employment at a local business.  Secondly, a record number of apprentices are completing their programmes.  The success rate is now approaching 75% which compares favourably with the best in Europe.


The summary below of the AELP submission is being sent to MPs this week.  The full submission can be downloaded from: www.aelp.org.uk.  


Graham Hoyle, the AELP chief executive who is attending the government’s Apprenticeship Summit tomorrow, is available for interview.


Kind regards,

Aidan Relf

Spokesman for the Association of Employment and Learning Providers (www.aelp.org.uk)

Tel. 01483 832130 / 07710 305182

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John Hayes MP, the Further Education, Skills and Life Long Learning Minister, recently outlined his vision for apprenticeships and reiterated the government’s commitment to work-based learning and training.

Speaking at the Group Training Associations’ annual conference on the 29th September, the Minister told attendees that the government is firmly committed to expanding the number of apprenticeships currently available and that the coalition is working hard to ensure that they are made accessible to both learners and businesses. Mr Hayes said that the government plans to do this by:

• Increasing the number of apprenticeship places on offer and prioritising more advanced skills levels at level three and above;

• Adopting a firm approach in establishing what the employer contribution to apprenticeship programmes should be; and

• Making it easier for businesses to access apprenticeships.

John Hayes MP said:

“The truest measure of the success or failure of this Government’s commitment to apprenticeships will be found in how well-equipped today’s young people will be in future years to face the shifting challenges of life and work. To be successful in that, we must create a radically new model for workplace training with apprenticeships at its heart and with partnership between Government, employers and individuals as its motive force”

He continued:

“We have promised to re-shape the apprenticeships programme to ensure that it provides more high-quality training opportunities. We have already begun to deliver on that promise by redeploying £150 million to provide an extra 50,000 places”

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