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Welfare to Work, Employment and skills negotiation & support

yesMinister has negotiated over £10m of Work Programme contracts and have supported a plethora of providers from the bidding stage through to contract implementation.

We have;

  • Written bids for primes
  • Managed Stakeholder relations
  • Negotiated contracts for sub-contractors

If you are involved in the Work Programme;

If you are concerned about SFA Minimum Contract Levels;

If you are concerned about;

  • Risk,
  • Flows,
  • Contract relations

If you are interested in new areas and ideas for business development from  ‘Open Public Services’ to the ‘Localism Bill’ and raising your profile with partners and potential contractors  in the employment and skills sector contact us via our  S.W.A.T link above


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£95 million government investment to boost growth

The funding is expected to create at least 4,000 jobs and unlock around £500 million of new investment by small and medium businesses (SMEs).

RBS, NatWest and HSBC have agreed to facilitate the distribution of the £95 million – which is part of the government’s Regional Growth Fund. RBS and NatWest will facilitate £70 million and HSBC will facilitate £25 million. The banks will not profit financially from the administration of these schemes.

Through these schemes small businesses, which are unable to secure commercial funding for their project, have the potential to benefit from government support through the banks’ regional networks in order to make their project commercially viable. The schemes announced today will provide grants to support SMEs considering investing in new capital assets and creating new employment.

Business Minister Mark Prisk said:

“These schemes will directly help SMEs that want to invest and create new jobs. They will deliver a shot in the arm to local communities and help small businesses drive local growth.

“100 per cent of the RGF funding will be provided as grants to small businesses with the banks employing their regional networks to administer the schemes for free.”

Peter Ibbetson, Small Business Chair at NatWest and RBS said:

“We have experienced managers in all the communities this fund is aimed at, we are also the leading bank for asset finance – nobody is better placed to ensure the £70 million we’ve been allocated goes to where it’s needed most.”

Jacques-Emmanuel Blanchet, Head of Commercial Banking, HSBC UK said:

“I am delighted that the bank is participating in the Government’s Regional Growth Fund.”

“HSBC is committed to supporting strong viable businesses and our Assisted Asset Purchase Scheme highlights this. The scheme will provide critical support for businesses that are looking to grow and recruit, enabling them to purchase the assets they need, to achieve their goals.”

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