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New EU job rights set to derail British economic recovery

Concerns have been raised that Britain’s economic recovery is set to be undermined  by new European employment laws that will cost companies almost £2bn a year. The business secretary Dr. Vince Cable has agreed to controversial European Directive plans to give agency workers the same rights as full-time employees of British companies.

Analysis by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills has revealed that it will cost firms more than £1.8billion a year. This has led to some firms warning that they will have to cut jobs.

The new laws will give more than one million agency workers the same holiday time, pay, maternity leave and other perks and will come into force next month. In effect  agency workers will be treated as full time workers after 12 weeks.


yippee…. this is good news for workers…. but it is potentially bad news for business…. how do we square these sorts of circles?

Our inclination is that this is not the time to be placing more burdens on business… not yet not now.

…by the same token, this is the time to be helping workers..mmm? indeed


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Welfare to work needs a boost as thousands more claim JSA

A study by Barnardo’s has highlighted that almost a third of people claiming JSA are aged between 18 -24. Claimants in this age group jumped by almost 40,000 to more than 408,000 between November 2010 and February 2011. The charity describes the ticking time bomb of a Lost Generation.  Scotland saw the biggest increase in claimants in this age group with a jump of 5,200, followed by the North West  (4,570) the South East (4,020), Yorkshire and the Humber (3,880) and the West Midlands (3,740).

Figures last week also showed that the number of young people not in education, employment or training rose at a record rate last year with almost 1 million Britons aged between 19 and 24 now classified as NEETs.


The young are being hit particularly hard. With the prospect of more cuts we are unlikely to see this trend reverse. We are now seeing increasing competition for low level jobs from people who are over qualified.

We are seeing an overall slowing down of the economy and fears that things will worsen over the autumn. Surely part of the answer lies in the introduction of a Future Jobs Fund type initiative which will create a much needed economic spark!

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Job hunters fail to attend interviews

A business woman who advertised for an apprentice at her marketing firm has criticised the attitude of the unemployed after 40 out of 67 applicants failed to turn up  to interviews and most wore jeans.

Claire Curzon said that it took 14 months before she was eventually successful in recruiting. Claire explained that it was clear that most people applied simply to ensure that they could keep their benefits under the terms of receiving their Jobseekers allowance.

Of the ones who did turn up, the majority were unsuitable either from the way they presented themselves or from their attitude.



This is  an indictment on JSP who have been regularly accused of not providing suitable candidates or doing enough to prepare people for interviews.


It is also a real exposure on how some claimants are behaving and it shines a light on the urgent need for change.


It is also an indictment on the way that the new Work Programme is having the unintended consequence of nudging behaviour to ‘beat the system’.


So in a nutshell!! we have a long way to go…….

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Work Programme to be extended to ex-offenders


The Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has announced that the Work Programme is going to be extended to ex-offenders as part of the Government’s response to the riots.

Full details of the scheme have yet to be finalised but it is understood that there will be pilots in two contract package areas which will begin from as early as March 2012.

A spokesperson from the Employment Related Services Association (ERSA) said:

ERSA played a key role in helping to facilitate conversations between the relevant government agencies and welfare to work providers to advise them on the development of this policy. This included consultation with all of the Work Programme prime contractors and specialist sub-contractors who have experience working with this customer group. ERSA will continue to work closely with government and our members on its implementation.”

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said:

“From March 2012, every offender who leaves prison won’t just be allowed to drift back into their old life, won’t just be able to drift into a life of worklessness and repeat crime only to turn up in the same prison having been sentenced again for an even more serious offence. If we want to stop for good the outbreak of crime, of looting and criminality, of what we saw last week, we need to get tough on the causes of repeat crime.”

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Disability Works UK is seeking a dynamic new Chair person to lead this new and exiting consortium.

DWUK Chair Advert_FINAL

DWUK Chair JD_ final

DWUK strategic position statement final

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Colleges to award degrees


Two FE colleges have become the first institutions to be given the right to award their own foundation degrees.

The Privy Council has granted foundation degree awarding powers to the Corporation of Newcastle College and the Corporation of New College Durham, following detailed scrutiny of their applications by the Quality Assurance Agency.


Business Secretary Dr Vince Cable said:

Foundation degrees have grown in popularity in recent years, with around 100,000 students enrolled in them last year. We want to increase the study choices for students by enabling FE colleges to offer higher education qualifications; they can often do so in a more flexible way.”

Universities and Science Minister David Willetts said:

I am delighted that the first two further education colleges have now been awarded foundation degree awarding powers. We want to ensure that institutions offering high quality work-focussed degrees can compete on a level playing field for prospective students.”


Read more if you DARE……..

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Follow this welfare to work link…..

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