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Jeremy Moore has been appointed Director of Independent Living and the Office for Disability Issues (ODI). The ODI is a cross-government agency that will work with government departments, disabled people, and a wide range of external groups to make sure the needs of disabled people are fully represented.

At the announcement of his appointment Mr. Moore said:

I am committed to championing the rights of disabled people at every level and working towards disability equality across government. Disabled people should not only be able to live more independent lives, but should have the same choices and opportunities as everyone else.”


Jeremy Moore will be replacing Tim Cooper who is to become the Chief Executive Officer of the charity Advance, which specialises in helping to house those with learning disabilities or mental health issues.

Mr. Moore has a wealth of experience within the field not only being the Director of Disability issues but from 1989-1998 was CEO of WBHC a charitable organisation set up to provide housing for people with learning disabilities.

Given the challenging situation faced with all disadvantaged people both Jeremy Moore and Tim Cooper can only be considered assets and we wish them both well in their new endeavours in September.



David Healey


Project Support Officer







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