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Announcing how many bidders there are for his shiny new Work Programme, his department’s press release declares it will be “the largest welfare to work programme the UK has seen since the 1930s”.

Since the Thirties? The Great Depression? Just what it is that is about to happen that Mr Grayling knows about, but we don’t?

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Laura Kuenssberg BBC Chief political correspondent reported on NewsNight that:

The government’s new “work programme” will actually help fewer people than the existing schemes that ministers are scrapping, the BBC has learned.


Officials have said they expect 605,000 people to go through the Work Programme scheme in 2011-12 and 565,000 in 2012-13.


About 850,000 people went through the last government’s schemes in 2009-10 which are now being scrapped.


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Big Society Bank could lend support to Work Programme bidders

Social enterprises looking to bid for Work Programme contracts could be financed by the Big Society Bank.

Its a pity we did not know this before 14th Feb

The Government’s Social Investment Strategy notes that “We need a better enabling environment for social investment. The Government’s plans to open up and decentralise public services offer new opportunities for social ventures to deliver public contracts and to help people purchase community assets.” Finance for a Social Impact Bond for the health market and an underwriting facility for community shares could also be provided by the Bank.

Sir Ronald Cohen and JP Morgan global head of research Nick O’Donohoe will act as special advisors to the government during the creation of the Big Society Bank.

Cohen said: “In recent years the social sector has developed greatly, yet it is still desperately short of capital. A financial engine is needed to support social investment and entrepreneurship. We are today on the threshold of using finance effectively in the service of social goals.”


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Organisations bidding to provide employment programmes for the Government have highlighted a potential gap in welfare-to-work provision between the termination of  existing programmes and the launch of the Work Programme in June 2011.

The Government have now announced an extension on the last date for referrals to New Deal, Private Sector Led New Deal, Employment Zones and Flexible New Deal to 1 June 2011 (excluding Gateway to Work).  Customers will be referred for 13 weeks of provision following this date, ensuring that they will be supported up until the point when the Work Programme is rolled out.  Community Task Force referrals have been extended to 1 June 2011.

For  further enquiries please email THEWORKPROGRAMME.EXTERNAL@DWP.GSI.GOV.UK

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