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“Biggest back to work programme- built on payment by

Today, the DWP distributed invitations to tender
for Work Programme contracts to the Prime Contractors confirmed on
the Work Framework. The Employment Minister Chris Grayling MP said:
“When it starts next year, the Work Programme will transform the
welfare landscape in Britain. We will provide much better back to
work support for hundreds of thousands of people and their
families. But in return we will expect them to use that support –
and if they refuse they will lose their benefits.
“We have around five million people on out of work
benefits in this country – and many of them could and should be
working. And yet every time employment levels rise, those people
seem to stay stranded on benefits. The Work Programme will change
all of that.” Additionally, a £14, 000 cap has been placed on fees
to help the hardest to reach client groups, including the 1.6
million people currently claiming incapacity benefit. Lord Freud, the Minister for Welfare
Reform said:
“We are making great progress with our
plans for a new Work Programme, which means that from the first
half of next year jobseekers will receive the right level of
support at the right time, giving them the skills and experience
they need to get into work. “Most importantly our new Work
Programme will help people who are most in need of our support,
such as those who have been out of work for a long time and young
people who are struggling to make the transition between education
and work – ensuring the best outcomes for customers, and the best
value for money for the taxpayer.” Website: DWP,

Kuki Taylor


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Long-term unemployment doubles since Christmas 07

The number of long-term unemployed has more than doubled in the last three years according to analysis by the TUC.

In November 2010, 243,330 people had been out of work for more than a year. For many this will be their second or even third Christmas out of work. The TUC’s analysis of local authority areas reveals that Northern Ireland has seen some of the sharpest increases of long-term unemployment, as have parts of Greater London. TUC general secretary Brendan Barber said:


“Across the country thousands and thousands of people have been struggling to find work – some of them for several years now – and for their families there won’t be much to celebrate this Christmas.


“While many families with working adults may be tightening their belts a little this Christmas, the thousands of long-term unemployed households will be anxiously juggling their family budgets, knowing only too well that their JSA of £65.45 isn’t going to buy much Christmas cheer this year.”

.A spokesman from DWP countered that the coalition Government is focusing “on restoring the economy and supporting private sector jobs growth.”

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George Grayson


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