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Work and Pensions Committee Concern for Future Jobs Fund

Today the Work and Pensions Committee published a report into the abolition of the Future Jobs Fund.  The £1billion fund was set-up by the previous Labour government to help create and support 150, 000 jobs for young people.


The Committee has made 23 recommendations for a stable and sustainable transition from the Future Jobs Fund to the Work Programme next year.  These include greater steps to protect those young people most at risk from long-term unemployment for whom apprenticeships are not the answer:

We are concerned that apprenticeships may not be the most suitable route into employment for those young people at the highest risk of long-term unemployment. These young people may have left school with no qualifications, have no experience of work, or have difficult family circumstances, and in some cases they may not be ready to start an apprenticeship. We are keen to ensure that alternative provision (for example, personal support, training and work opportunities) should be available to help those who are not ready for an apprenticeship.”

The Fund formed part of the Young Person’s Guarantee that ensured anyone between the ages of 18-24 who had been looking for employment for over a year would be offered a job, work experience, or training for a minimum of six months.  15, 000 of these jobs were expected to be social enterprises.  Employment levels in the UK have fallen by 0.1% over the last quarter, according to the most recent report published by Office of National Statistics in December.  The decrease equates to 33, 000 more people over the age of 16 who have not be able to find employment between August 2010 to October 2010.

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Published on 21st December, 2010


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G4S announces next step in consultative dialogue



G4S is pleased to announce the launch of its online Assessment of Capability Exercise (ACE) for potential delivery partners for the Work Programme.

ACE is a brief online questionnaire to gather critical information about potential partners and where they might fit into G4S’s Work Programme model. ACE forms part of G4S’s three-dimensional subcontractor evaluation process. More details of G4S’s Work Programme delivery model, some of their indicative funding models and the ACE questionnaire can be found at www.g4swelfaretowork.com.

G4S aims to subcontract to high-performing organisations from the public, voluntary and private sectors. Subcontractors will need to demonstrate a strong track record in helping long-term unemployed people and those previously on incapacity benefits into sustained employment. G4S will be subcontracting directly to three key delivery partners: Job Brokers, In Work Partners and Knowledge Bank providers. For a description of what G4S is looking for from these key delivery partners, please go to http://www.g4swelfaretowork.com/delivery-partners/default.php.

If you are interested in delivering with G4S in Scotland, London, East Midlands, South East, North East, North West and/or Yorkshire and the Humber, please complete the appropriate ACE questionnaire:

If you are intending to deliver as both a Job Broker/In Work Partner and as part of our Knowledge Bank, please complete both questionnaires.

Potential delivery partners are asked to complete the questionnaire by 9am on Friday 7th January 2011.

G4S will be answering potential partners’ queries about the ACE questionnaire in their next ‘live event’, which will be held at 10:30am on Thursday 23rd December 2010 on the ‘Events’ page of the G4S website http://www.g4swelfaretowork.com/events/default.php.  

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