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As the Work Programme begins to take shape, G4S continued its consultative dialogue with partners by holding their first live ‘online event’. This interactive session gave organisations and individuals across Great Britain a chance to quiz the G4S Welfare to Work team, including Managing Director Sean Williams.


The event was scheduled to take place between 1pm and 2pm but was extended to 3:15pm in an attempt to cope with as many of the 500 questions received as possible from over 350 people. Discussion covered a range of welfare-to-work issues, including the role of subcontractors, funding for the Work Programme, regional delivery and the G4S model. It represented a new and innovative way to communicate across the industry. Participants were able not only to interact with the G4S Welfare to Work team, but to gain a better understanding of the concerns and thoughts from other stakeholders across all regions. G4S received excellent feedback both during and after the event from participants.


If you missed the online event, you can replay the whole discussion by visiting the G4S Welfare to Work website at http://www.g4swelfaretowork.com/events/default.php. G4S will also post a full list of questions and answers on the ‘FAQ’ section of the website.


The G4S Welfare to Work website will be updated shortly with details of G4S’s next live online event.



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A4e Founder blames PR company for “fantastic” cuts comment

Emma Harrison, founder of A4e, has apologised for comments made on her behalf by her public relations company.  The press release issued by Hillgrove PR asserted Ms. Harrison was pleased with the coalition-government’s welfare reform:

The coalition government’s cuts are, in fact, fantastic!  Cutting benefits will put a stop to people making a profession out of being unemployed. The Government is looking to put more effort into helping people get back to work which is the most important thing.”

However, Ms. Harrison claims that Hillgrove acted without her knowledge or consent.

“Anyone who knows me will know that I am passionate about working to lift people out of financial hardship. From the last twenty years of helping people back into work, I know that the only thing that works is ensuring people get sustainable jobs which ensure long term financial security.”


A4e are one of the biggest employment companies in the UK, taking 25 per cent of all government contracts.  Following in her father’s footsteps, Ms. Harrison set-up A4e twenty-years ago to help retrain Sheffield steel workers who had been made redundant.  Last year, A4e assisted 32, 000 people get back into work.

See Emma’s full statement…

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Maria Miller has announced a review of all Govt funded employment programmes for disabled people, including Work Choice and Work Programme.

“To ensure that disabled people get the help and support they need, RADAR’s Chief Executive Liz Sayce will review the current specialist employment support services and consider whether they provide the most effective support possible…The review will examine DWP’s current employment support for disabled people who need the most help to get into work and will consult with a wide range of stakeholders including disabled people themselves.”

Not sure what this means for the future of Work Choice or indeed disability provision through Work Programme

The release is here

The terms of reference for the review and further information on how to contribute ideas are available HERE

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