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The Prospectus

Length of contracts

Customers referred to the Work Programme contracts for a 5 year period. Providers will then work with customers for up to a further 2 years.
Contract packages and sizes.


We expect to let 40 Work Programme contracts across 18 package areas. Each individual contract will fall within the range of £10-50 million per year, as published in the framework advertisement.


Annexe C
Framework ‘lot’
Work Programme package areas and number of providers in each

Single package covering the whole of Scotland, with two providers delivering contracts

Single package covering the whole of Wales, with two providers delivering contracts

Two packages, one covering areas to the West and one to the East. Each package area will have three providers delivering contracts.

East of England
Single package covering the whole of the region, with two providers delivering contracts

East Midlands
Single package covering the whole of the region, with two providers delivering contracts

South East
Two packages – one covering Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Hampshire and the other covering Surrey, Sussex and Kent. Each package area will have two providers

North East
Single package covering the whole region, with two providers

North West
Two packages – one covering Merseyside, Halton, Cumbria and Lancashire and having 2 providers. The other covering Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Warrington and having 3 providers

South West
Two packages – one covering Devon, Cornwall, Dorset and Somerset and one covering Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and West of England. Two providers in each package area.

West Midlands
Two packages – one covering Birmingham, Solihull and Black Country with 3 providers, the other covering Coventry and Warwickshire, Staffordshire and the Marches, with 2 providers

Yorkshire and Humberside
Three packages:

  1. West Yorkshire (2 providers)
  2. South Yorkshire (2 providers)
  3. NE Yorks and Humber (2 providers)



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Labour’s Shadow Work and Pension Secretary, Douglas Alexander MP, stated today that the growth predictions made yesterday from the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) were unjustified.

The OBR upgraded its economic growth forecasts for this year from 1.2% to 1.8% and also reduced the number of public sector jobs that were expected to be lost over the spending review from 490,000 to 330,000. It also said that it expected 1.4 million private sector jobs to be created by 2015-16.

Chancellor George Osborne said fears of a double dip recession had been dispelled and the UK was on a path to more “sustainable growth” after the OBR published its growth forecast. “The message from the Office for Budget Responsibility is that Britain’s economic recovery is on track. The economy is growing, more jobs are being created and the deficit is falling,” he told MPs.

However, Mr Alexander commented “I think there is a real risk that the real and present danger in the jobs market goes unnoticed,” He went further to say: “I am worried the government is too complacent about the risk of a slower and more painful return than many yet realise to the levels of employment and unemployment we have become used to.”

In a speech, cleared by both Ed Miliband and Alan Johnson, made to Demos today, Mr Alexander warned of a “jobless recovery” and claimed that the current surge in growth is largely as a result of the measures the previous government took to protect the jobs during the recession. Mr Alexander also appeared to blame Gordon Brown’s post-crisis strategy on the economy for the election defeat. He criticised the previous government’s tactics in approaching the deficit and its refusal to talk about cuts or admit spending cuts would have been necessary after the global financial crisis.

To read the whole speech please press the following link:

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See who got what and how many

Courtesy of Ian Dring (Pluss)

See here

……   and erss-preferred-suppliers

Look out for more …… on monday or even tomorrow….

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– Merlin Web Portal

The Merlin Web Portal has been launched








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Thursday 25 November 2010

Written Ministerial Statement


The Work Programme: Framework providers announced

The Minister for Employment (Rt. Hon. Chris Grayling): The Government has previously announced its plans for radical reforms of the welfare to work system and the implementation of the Work Programme.

Work to deliver the programme is progressing quickly and we are on track to deliver nationwide by the summer of 2011.

Today we announce the providers who will be invited to bid to deliver the Work Programme and subsequent employment related support initiatives.  These providers have been named on our Framework for Employment Related Support Services, which is the commercial vehicle through which the Work Programme will be delivered. The list of suppliers will be released at 1pm today, and can be found HERE!!

We are delighted that we received so much interest in the framework and we had strong competition from the market. The providers we have selected represent the very best of organisations from both the private and voluntary sectors. There is a good mix of existing suppliers and new entrants to the market, including innovative partnerships.

The Work Programme is the Government’s flagship welfare-to-work programme, and will be built around the needs of individuals: we will give providers longer to work with customers and greater freedom to decide the appropriate support for them. We will also offer stronger incentives for providers to work with harder-to-help customers, and to get people into sustained jobs.

Project Support Officer

Jason McGee-Abe

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Breaking News


The value of Disability Works UK has now increased to £688m

Disability Works UK also has a combined surplus of £16m


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– An announcement from…

An announcement from…

Dear Partner,

As you might recall, G4S recently launched our consultative dialogue on delivery of The Work Programme. This ongoing consultation offers organisations the chance to become part of our supply chain, as well as provide feedback on our unique model for delivering high-quality employment services.

May I take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been in touch with us over the past few weeks. Our supply chain is now taking shape, and your comments and suggestions have been invaluable. We are still looking for more local and national organisations to help strengthen our supply chain and advise us on our strategy going forward.

Today we are pleased to announce the next stage of our ongoing consultative dialogue – a new dedicated website: www.g4swelfaretowork.com. On our site, you will find:

  • Our vision and proposed model for delivering welfare-to-work services
  • Biographies and contact details for our Regional Partnership Managers
  • Background on G4S as an organisation, and information on our presence across each Work Programme region
  • Interactive ‘live online events’ (see below)
  • News updates, discussions and articles on welfare-to-work

We designed this website to give you – our partners – the chance to find out more about what we are doing and how we want to develop our frontline services. We will work with organisations of all sizes from the voluntary, public and private sectors to deliver the best possible service to jobseekers. The information on our website will give an insight into our plans and objectives as The Work Programme begins to take shape.

We are holding the first ‘live event’ on our website at 1pm on Thursday 2nd December 2010. This event offers you the chance to take part in a live conversation online with expert members of our team.

We will be discussing The Work Programme Framework announcement, potential funding models and the future of welfare-to-work services in the UK over the next decade. There is no need to register in advance for this online event – just visit the ‘Events’ page on our website to join in the conversation. You can also fill in your email address on the ‘Events’ page if you would like a reminder of the event nearer the time.

If you have not yet been in contact and would like to work with us to deliver The Work Programme, then please contact us at G4SWorkProgramme@uk.g4s.com and include your name, organisation name, contact details, and a brief description of where, and what you might like to deliver/contribute.

I hope that you find our website a useful and informative resource, and we very much look forward to working with you.

Best wishes,
Alex Arblaster
Senior Bid Writer
G4S Welfare to Work

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