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The Government has welcomed today’s fall in unemployment but has warned that there is a long way to go in securing the recovery, dealing with the deficit and generating sustainable job growth.

Employment Minister Chris Grayling said:

“There is still a huge amount of work to do to revitalise the economy and create an environment where businesses are growing and employing people again.

“What concerns me in today’s figures is that while there are more jobs in the economy there is too little evidence of them being taken up by the five million people who were stranded on out-of-work benefits under the previous Government. While there are fewer people on Jobseeker’s Allowance this month, the numbers claiming other benefits remains stubbornly high, and many of these people have been dependent on benefits for years….”

Labour market statistics: July 2010

This month’s Labour Force Survey covers March 2010 to May 2010.

The number of people in work rose this quarter

  • 28.98 million people were in work in March to May.
  • The employment level in March-May was 160,000 higher than in the previous three months,
  • The employment rate is 72.3%, up 0.3 on the quarter but down 0.6 percentage points on the year.

JSA claimants fell this month but 5 million people still claiming one of the main out-of-work benefits:

  • Claimant unemployment was 1,46m in June 2010, down 20.8 thousand on the level in May,
  • Claimant unemployment rate, is 4.5%, down 0.1 percentage points on the month


  • The numbers claiming incapacity benefits remains broadly stable at 2.62 million

Lone Parents

Provisional figures for May 2010 suggests the number receiving lone parent benefits has fallen from 695,000 in November 2009 to 675,000.

ILO unemployment has fallen this quarter

  • 2.47 million people were ILO unemployed in the March to May quarter, down by 34,000 on the December to February period
  • the ILO unemployment rate is 7.8%,

Economic inactivity

  • Economic inactivity level is 8.10 million, down 62,000 on the quarter but up 180 thousand on the year.
  • Economic inactivity rate is 21.3%,

The rise in inactivity is partly the result of more inactive students.  Excluding students, inactivity as a proportion of the working age population is 15.4%, up 0.1 percentage points over the last year.

The number of vacancies rose this quarter and the number of redundancies is broadly flat

* There were 160,000 redundancies in March to May, down 2 thousand on the previous quarter and down 144,000 on the previous year.

* ONS’s vacancy survey estimates an average of 486,000 unfilled vacancies in the three months to June 2010, up 10 thousand on the quarter and up 52 thousand on the year.

The full figures


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This is the definitive hot off the press statement from Lord FREUD at the ALP conference this morning!!


“everyone pulled into the framework then there will be short competitions for short specific contracts.

“The framework can be used by anyone so we will have a structure of great flexibility that the state can use. We have not spoke to other departments as yet but what we have is the architecture”

Graham Hoyle we have a good outline of an outline framework. Pleased about the re-emphasis of the black box and hope that our members will be involved in this process.

FREUD. Website has been setup and it will be sent to delegates after conference.

Graham Hoyle Our members have been worried about the big PRIMES and there is a worry around how the SFA will operate. We are pleased that the Minister [Lord Freud] is aware of what the PRIMES are doing and that they are making good use of providers and their expertise.

FREUD. We will not tolerate lying if you say you have a consortium. We would be very intolerant of lying


Question: There are still questions around skills and how it will be paid for…. PRIMES will not pay for this.

Freud: If we get the pricing RIGHT and UP [IF] there is substantial money to go into this!!

Hoyle: We welcome the development of a framework that has the potential to be used, we are not sure if it’s the right one but we are supportive and will look at it. (Open minded)

Paul Warner: Who are you inviting to get onto the framework?

FREUD: Those who are going to be in CHARGE of the consortium!!

Let’s look at a region: You get into a region then there will be a competition later for which you set up your consortium but you need to get your main body up NOW.

We are also interested in other arrangements, ie consortium approach, or a group which have capital and could assemble others beneath that capital.

It is the leadership element of the consortium that we need to put onto the framework!!

Supply chains need to be set up and negotiated now!!


If you need help with your partnership contact us at Yes Minister or visit

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