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DWP cuts broken down

Overall 2010-11 cut is £535 million.

  • £320 million from ‘ending ineffective elements of employment programmes’.  THIS COULD BE ALL PROGRAMMES …  I jest!
  • Future Jobs (£290 million),
  • £30 million from ending the £1,000 employer subsidy for young people.
  • £215 million is made up of stopping, delaying, or renegotiating medical and IT services; discretionary spending, including marketing and consultancy; and a recruitment freeze.
  • £150 million is promised to fund 50,000 new apprenticeship places

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Quite apart from the pressing questions around the timescale and implementation of the new Work Programme, PEP,  CTF and  FND there are other pressing issues;

  1. How will centrally contracted welfare services be reconciled with decentralisation and localism?
  2. What role will local authorities play,
  3. What is the future of the Working Neighbourhood Fund,
  4. Will there be more opportunities for the voluntary and community sector in supporting unemployed people?
  5. Will employment and skills be integrated ?
  6. How will Total Place be used to integrate funding for the most disadvantaged?

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